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Dr.M.V. Shetty Group of Colleges

Creating a Brighter Future

At Dr.M.V. Shetty Group of Colleges Mangalore, The mission of the Trust from which our objectives stem has been to establish and sustain pace-setting institutions with a strong ethical foundation and to inspire excellence allied to caring and compassionate social commitment. The Trust strives to develop leaders who will meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world and who will prove effective within regional, national and international frames of reference.

About Our Colleges

Changing the World

The Dr.M.V. Shetty Memorial Trust was founded in 1985. Dr M. Ram Gopal Shetty, the founder took inspiration from his father Dr. M Venugopal Shetty, who was eminent in several fields, in Surgery, Rehabilitation and the state-run institution of Home Guards. He was known to combine professional integrity with a high degree of social commitment. Dr. M R Shetty himself has been closely associated with the academic bodies of Mangalore and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, since their inception and has been a member of the executive board of the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).


Dr.M.R. Shetty and the Board of Trustees had a clear purpose, vision and philosophy in relation to vocation-based degree courses. Dr. Shetty identified the lack of higher-level degree courses in Allied Health and other vocation-based educational sectors. This drove him to establish high quality institutions providing holistic education in the green and healthy environs of Kavoor in the northern part of the port city of Mangalore. Mangalore itself has become an educational hub, served well by air, sea and road transportation with a strong cultural base and an enlightened citizenry.


Quality Education

Dr.M.V. Shetty Memorial Trust  is the pioneer of paramedical degree programmes. Among the firsts achieved by the Trust since 1987 were the first Nursing college at B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels under private management, the first B.P.T and M.P.T degree college and the first BASLP and MASLP self-financing institution in the State. All these have progressed to doctoral level. Other courses include MLT (Medical Lab Technology) at UG and PG levels, a post graduate degree (MSW) course in Social Work, a B.Ed. programme in Education, a diploma course in General Nursing (GNM), Diploma course in medical laboratory technology (DMLT) and a post graduate Diploma in Classical dance (Bharatanatyam). The Trust manages 15 different graduate, post graduate, Doctoral and Diploma programs in 7 colleges affiliated either to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences or Mangalore University


Outreach to the community proceeds at many levels, such as operating the Blood Bank at Government Wenlock and Lady Goshen hospitals with supportive Lab facilities, the conduct of free camps in Mangalore and the rural hinterland, free treatment for patients at our clinics and incorporation of eco-friendly and professional involvement at all the centers and institutions, we associate with be they schools, hospitals or NGO’s. Our placement and recruitment record has been noteworthy, with alumni positioned in key posts or notable entrepreneurial concerns around the globe.

Our Standard

 With years of experience as educators, we know just what it takes to engage students and prepare them for adult life. Our unique teaching approach makes our students feel valued, respected and appreciated. At Dr.M.V. Shetty Group of Colleges, we believe in fostering a creative and collaborative experience to help our students reach their full potential and pursue their dreams. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

our goal.jpeg

Our Goals

At Dr.M.V. Shetty Group of Colleges, we strive to better our students through educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. Dr.M.V. Shetty Group of Colleges the founder and Trustees envisage not only the bringing of trained professionals into the health care and allied health education systems and other service-oriented systems but also to educate the public about diagnostic and the therapeutic facilities that overseen by expert professionals, are helpful especially to disadvantaged sections of society. There is a cross-disciplinary interaction with the B.Ed., MSW and P.G Diploma colleges as well.



My personal experience here at MVST College was very positive as students are encouraged to show and develop their skills and confidence. Graduating from MVST has given me extra clinical exposure and updated diagnostic skills. The college staff are so dedicated to students during our academic and extracurricular program


PRADESH, Post Basic Nursing

Nursing calls for great commitment to be
effective professional. Our 

provides the academic and clinical
challenges that help us to grow at the
personal and professional levels. It has
helped me to think of the new and exciting prospectus of the nursing field.  


Dr. Nimmy Joseph,Canada,

Registered physiotherapist

Dr. M.V. Shetty College of Physiotherapy is a second home for me. The College has helped me to grow more as an individual both in personal and professional life. It is indeed my pleasure to be a part of this distinguished institution and having pursued both my Bachelors and Master Degree here. Thank you for making me the professional I am today!


Lavanya Alva


I  consider myself privileged to have obtained my B.ed degree from this esteemed institution.

 The institution along with the Principal , Staff and the management has strived to give us the best we needed for our all round development.

The various activities and programmes both in and out of the college has given us different types of knowledge and experiences.

The college strived to mould each and every student and give out the best teachers to the society .


Rank Holders

Khushiraj Pokharel 1st rank in B.Sc Medi
Jisna Laxman 2nd rank from MASLP.jpg

Dona Shaji John

1st rank MASL

Khushiraj Pokharel

1st rank in B.Sc Medical Lab Technology

Jisna Laxman

2nd rank from MASLP

Aleena Vareghese

3rd RANK from MASLP

Alka Twanabasu

7th rank from MPT

laxmi Shrestha  7th rank from Physiother

Laxmi Shrestha

 7th rank from Physiotherapy

Maria Shinto 7th rank from B.Sc Nursing(

Maria Shinto

7th rank from B.Sc Nursing(basic)

Vaheeda 7th rank from P.B.B.Sc Nursing.j


7th rank from P.B.B.Sc Nursing

Della T Alias 8th rank form B.Sc Nursing

Della T Elias

8th rank form B.Sc Nursing (basic)

Mohammad Aasim U Din 8th rank from B.Sc

Mohammad Aasim U Din

8th rank from B.Sc Nursing (basic)

Priya 8th rank from B.Sc Nursing(basic).

8th rank from B.Sc Nursing(basic)

ALPHA P C 9th rank from B.Sc Nursing (ba

Alphan P C
9th rank from B.Sc Nursing (basic)


Ashwini Kulal
9th rank from B.Sc Nursing(basic)

Sana Abudul Majeed  9th rank from Physio

Sana Abudul Majeed  
9th rank from Physiotherapy

Srijana Shrestha  9th rank from MLT.jpg
Linu Sunny 10th rank from B.Sc Nursing (

Linu Sunny
10th rank from B.Sc Nursing (basic)

Rakshita Bastakoti 10th rank from B.Sc N

Rakshita Bastakoti
10th rank from B.Sc Nursing (basic)

Amruthavalli Vasudevan Velamur -1st Rank

Amruthavalli Vasudevan Velamur
1st rank from pg diploma in bharathnatyam


Miss Aswathi
1st rank from II M.Sc MLT Microbiology and immunology

Srijana Shrestha
9th rank from Physiotherapy

Latest Low Down

mv- 2023-03-24 at 4.16.36 PM.jpeg
Vismaya 2023 -invitation-1.jpg
Vismaya 2023 -invitation-2-1.jpg

Leelavathi Shetty College of Education congratulate for clearing KTET

Dr. M.V. Shetty Graduation day 

Dr.M.V. SHETTY INSTITUTE OF AHS grabs FIRST RANK.Ms. Aswathi P.V secured First Rank in II M.Sc. MLT (Microbiology and Immunology) in RGUHS examination held in December 2020.)

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Dr.M.V.Shetty Group of Colleges
Landline : 0824-2481285 / 96

Mobile : +91 9483414480

Filled in Application should be sent to :

Director Academics

Dr.M.V Shetty Group of Colleges

Panjimogaru, Vidyanagar


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